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October 2021 Competition Round-up

October was a busy month for Blaydon athletes with most of the Spring marathons rescheduled for Autumn, as well as a host of other events.

Loch Ness Marathon, 3 October 2021

Emma Lane and Nicola Perry travelled up to Inverness to take part in the scenic Loch Ness Marathon. Emma achieving a marathon PB.

London Marathon, 3 October 2021

Three of our athletes travelled down to the capital to take part in the rearranged 40th London Marathon. Martin Graham was the first Blaydon athlete over the line (02:59:46), with Elaine Small (03:26:55) and Joanne Ramshaw (03:39:21) representing the Senior Women.

Penshaw 10K, 3 October 2021

Isaac Dunn (00:45:06.915) and Kat Nicholson (01:31:24.885) laced up their trail shoes and took on the challenging Penshaw 10K.

Manchester Marathon, 10 October 2021

James Dias (02:57:05), Andrew Alderson (03:06:12) and Kat Nicholson (05:16:54) donned their black and amber vests for Manchester Marathon.

Manchester Half Marathon, 10 October 2021

Nicola Alderson was the sole Bee running in the Manchester Half Marathon, completing the course in 02:04:57.

NEHL Cross Country, Druridge Bay, 10 October 2021

The second NEHL race of the season wasn’t as hot and dry as Wrekenton, but the uneven terrain on parts of the course proved to be the biggest challenge.

Daniel Ramshaw finished in 6:44 for the U11B, followed by Thomas Jude in 8:58 and Liam Greener in 9:16.

Finn Graham had a fantastic run, finishing in 3rd place for the U13B in 13:32, with Aaron Jobson not far behind in 14:48 and Jamie Lonergan in 14:56. Patrick Salmon (16:56) and William Denham (17:14) also had great runs. Blaydon finished the day in 2nd place.

Niamh Lonergan was the first Blaydon U13G over the line in 17:20, followed by Eden Burns in 19:37.

The U15 boys had a fantastic race, with James Gray coming 2nd (12:42), Max Murray in 3rd (12:44) and closely followed by Robert Atkinson in 7th (13:09) and Tom Wallace (20:44). Blaydon finished in position 1 with 12 points.

Ellie Fellows (15:03) and Alannah Hargraves (15:27) ran in the U15G.

Oscar Jolly (18:52), Joseph Lonergan (19:09), Will Collinson (19:20), Ben Thorpe (22:01) and Alex Wallace (26:23) ran for the U17B. Blaydon finishing in 2nd position with 51 points.

Robert Hulse, James Ramshaw, Neil Fellows, Michael Friberg, Ian Brooks, and Jaycee Shotton made up the Senior Men’s team, finishing in 9th position with 582 points.

Izzi Jackson, Emma Cartwright, Joanne Ramshaw and Laura Carr were counters for the Senior Women. Nicola Perry, Deborah Collins, and Chris Hargreaves also ran. Blaydon being placed 10th with 187 points.

Yorkshire Marathon, 17 October 2021

Phillip Hilton-West completed the Yorkshire Marathon in 03:50:38.

North Tyneside 10K, 17 October 2021

Matthew Alderson finished in 5th place in the North Tyneside road race, with a chip time of 00:33:07. Michael Friberg (00:42:24) and Amanda Haley (00:57:08) also had excellent runs.

Devil’s Foot Half Marathon, 17 October 2021

Gemma Scott and Nicola Perry took on this devilishly (sorry! had to be done) difficult half marathon along the Southern Upland Way between Lauder and Melrose.

Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon, 17 October 2021

Tim Nichol finished in 14th place at the inaugural Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon in 01:52:10. Starting at Housesteads Roman Fort and following the Hadrian’s wall trail path back towards Hexham, then down to Newbrough and through woodland to the Tyne Riverside trail path which heads back to Hexham.

Northern Cross Country Championships Relays, 23 October 2021, Sheffield

Will Collinson, Oscar Jolly and Joseph Lonergan represented Blaydon in the U17 boys and finished in 12th place.

Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, 24 October 2021

Gemma Scott travelled down to Liverpool to complete the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in 2:02:46.

NEHL Cross Country, Lambton, 30 October 2021

Thomas Jude and Liam Greener ran in the U11B race.

Joseph Ramshaw won the U13B race in 13:15. Jamie Lonergan and Luke Page also ran to make a complete team. Blaydon finishing in position 3 with 48 points.

Niamh Lonergan, Maya Baggaley, Hannah Percival, and Eden Burns ran in the U13G race. Blaydon finishing in 8th position with 101 points.

James Gray, Robert Atkinson, and Tom Wallace were the U15B team, finishing with 107 points in 6th place.

Ellie Fellows was the sole U15G.

Oscar Jolly finished 4th for the U17B, followed by Joseph Lonergan, Will Collinson and Alex Wallace. Blaydon was in 3rd with 46 points.

Matthew Levison was the first Blaydon home in 6th place for the Senior Men, followed by Matthew Alderson, Andrew Alderson, David Best, Philip McGuire, Michael Friberg and Jaycee Shotton. Blaydon was in 10th place with 442 points.

Eleanor Bradbury was the first Senior Woman home, followed by Izzi Jackson, Elaine Small, Rosie Bunney, Steph Ashall, Letha Whitham, Nicola Perry, and Deborah Collins. Blaydon was ranked 9th with 134 points.

After the first three races, the overall team league positions for Blaydon are:

  • U13B – 2nd

  • U13G – 9th

  • U15B – 4th

  • U15G – 12th

  • U17B – 3rd

  • U17G/U20W – 17th

  • Senior Men (Division 1) – 10th

  • Senior Women (Division 2) – 8th

The next race is at Aykley Heads on Saturday 27 November and we hope to see a great turn out.

Wooler 1000ft Vertical Trail Race, 31 October 2021

Not content with the hills at Lambton Estate, Deborah Collins took on the Wooler 1000ft Vertical Race, an out and back route to the top of Humbleton Hill in challenging weather conditions.

What a month! Well done everyone on your amazing achievements!


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