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National XC Championships 2020

Ten Blaydon Harriers made the journey to Wollaton Park, Nottingham yesterday; Ellie Fellows, Hazel Richardson U13 girls, Will Collinson U15 boy, Cecilia Reid, Jess Levy, Abbie Lewis U17 ladies, Callum Trainer U17 man, Luke Shears, senior man, and two senior ladies, Claire Collinson and Eleanor Bradbury.

Will Collinson was our best placed athlete at 32nd.

Nottingham had obviously had a lot more rain than the North East, as the course looked like a remake of the Somme Battlefield, I spent all day looking for a dry spot to stand, and never found one yet.

Every puddle looked like a lake, very deep in places, was a bit worried that our two little'uns might have to swim through them. Many athletes went flat on their faces and were covered in mud from head to foot, pleased to say that our athletes just about stayed on their feet. Claire was nearly a faller at Beechers Brook second time round.

Took over 1,000 shots yesterday, had a right job editing them down for the web page, some brilliant pics. Who gets your vote for style and grace while trying to stay upright? I think Hazel gets mine for facial expression.

The senior lady in the Beeston AC vest is Caitlin Bradbury, former Blaydon Harrier and twin sister of Eleanor.

Once again my thanks goes to Callum for getting up at stupid o'clock and travelling with me to errect the tent, just got to clean it now.

PS. Back to Harrier League duty at Alnwick next week, don't forget your numbers and because of sheep and cattle on the course, no dogs allowed.