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Ladies Rock 'n' Roll at Liverpool

Nine of our senior ladies took a road trip to Liverpool on the bank holiday weekend for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half Marathon on Sunday 29th May 2016.

They arrived the evening before the race and made sure they fuelled up at the best Italian restaurant they could find!

The weather was amazing, sun shone and temperatures soared which unfortunately made for a very hot uncomfortable run but also a fabulous happy atmosphere. The course was great, the race started at the Albert Dock next to the arena, the course weaved around the streets of the city before heading out to the suburbs, going down the famous Penny Lane and then through some beautiful park and woodland trails before ending with a long four mile straight along the river back to the Albert Dock.

Gillian Pearson was 1st women past the finish line, helped by the fact that the group had persuaded her to try and improve her starting position. Request granted by the organisers she started in the 2nd wave (corral) of runners just one minute after the start time and completed the 13.1 mile in 1.34.09 (20 mins quicker than her only other half at GNR 2015) Although elated with finishing in 12th position in her gender category she was still slightly disappointed when she learnt her time was only 18 seconds shy of being on the top ten leaderboard listings!

The ladies finished the race in good time and high spirits, Lisa Walsh, Gemma Scott, Bernie James, Tracy Bowers, Marie Bottomley, Lisa Shevlin, Sharon Armstrong and Kirsteen McCormick all completed the race, collected their very heavy, sparkly and very cool medals, their tee shirts and a few other goodies then were more than ready to celebrate with a free pint and an afternoon of fantastic live musc in the square. Cast were the headliners who most of the bee’s knew from their younger years.. except for Gemma, the baby of the group!

Great to see our club members travelling to races together and having fun as well as training hard and achieving fantastic results in the process. Where will it be next ladies??



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