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Great North Run 2016 – Member Results

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Congratulations to all the Bees who completed this year’s Great North Run, particularly Reg Parker who has completed all 36 GNRs. It was a bit warm out there and conditions weren’t ideal but some fab PBs were achieved.

Matty Alderson was not only the first Blaydon Harrier to cross the finishing line but probably the only one to run home afterwards!

Matthew Alderson 01:17:27 Lee Hutton 01:22:51 Liam Friel 01:30:50 Gillian Pearson 01:36:17 Jamie Boswell 01:39:23 Joanna Murray 01:47.50 Carl Brown 01:48:21 Mark Wallace 01:49:40 Michael Pitt 01:51:14 Joanne Webber 01:53:33 Shereen Douglas 02:07:11 Gemma Mcgonnell 02:09:36 Bernie James 02:15:33 Victoria Holliday 02:15:34 Reg Parker 02:15:42 Carolyn Simpson 02:16:28 Gemma Scott 02:18:51 Philip Jobson 02:24:05 Tracy Bowers 02:28:49 Emma Armstrong 02:32:37 John Kain 02:39:32 Kirsteen McCormick 02:50:49 Emma Lane 03:14:20


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