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Aykley Heads Cross Country, 26 November 2022

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The third cross country meet of the season took place at Aykley Heads, Durham, on 26 November 2022.

Our team of U11 girls, Lacey Johnson, Isla Finlay and Lily Ashall, ran fantastically in their race.

Dan Finlay had a brilliant run for the U13 boys, leading the team home in third place. Quickly followed by Jacob Hendry, Aaron Jobson and Noah Richards. The team finished in first, scoring 31 points.

Robert Atkinson was first home for the U15 boys, running with team mates Jamie Lonergan, Finn Graham and Jacob Richards.

Max Murray and James Gray ran well in the U17 boys race, unfortunately they were short of a team, and Ellie Fellows had an excellent run for the U17 girls.

The senior men finished in position 10 in the second divsion on the day, with the scoring team comprising David Best, James Dias, Oliver Bailes, Will Collinson, Isaac Dunn and Tim Nichol. Ian Brooks and Michael Friberg also represented the Club.

The senior women finished the day at number one in Division 3. Beth Bradford leading her team mates, Sophie Brown, Izzi Jackson and Letha Whitham home. The Blaydon Harriers B team was led home by Elaine Small, followed by Emma Cartwright, Steph Ashall and Chris Hargreaves. A great turn out from the ladies!



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