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Blaydon Race 2023 - Your help is needed

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The Blaydon Race is fast approaching, it is our flagship event and relies on our members pulling together to make it a success. As usual, it is on 9th June (a Friday this year) and will start at approx. 7:15pm from the Quayside, and finish at Shibdon Road Playing Fields.

The race brings funds into the club, which pays for track hire and reinvests in our ability to provide a great training and social experience for all members.

So what do we need from you? We need all hands on deck! There are various key dates on which we will need volunteers. Even if you are running the race itself, there are plenty of opportunities to help around it.

Key Dates and Tasks:

Thursday 20th April - The Big Lick - Blaydon Youth Club (min age 16)

This is to put all the Blaydon Race numbers into envelopes ready for posting.

Thursday 8th June - pre-race preparation (10am-5pm)

This day is used for preparation including (but not limited to); building the finish line and unloading deliveries to the Youth Club, setting up for bag packing.

Thursday 8th June - The Big Bag Pack - Blaydon Youth Club (5pm onwards)

Preparing race goody bags for overnight storage.

Friday 9th June - pre-race preparation (10am-5pm) Build race infrastructure.

Friday 9th June – marshals

Marshals will be needed at many and numerous points on the course to ensure the safety of participants. Marshals must be 18 or over.

Friday 9th June – before the start (Quayside)

Athletes are needed to load the baggage buses and help keep the cycle path clear at the start.

Friday 9th June - during and after race (throughout course and finish area)

Unload baggage buses, clean up after the race has passed through, hand out supplies at finish, tidy up at the finish.

For members and parents who have access to the Spond app, all of the above have been added as events and you can either accept or decline to indicate where and when you can help, if you haven't already. If you don't have Spond, and wish to volunteer, please contact to indicate your availability.

Tasks will be assigned once we have a list of volunteers, please be ready to help when asked.

Does your employer grant you volunteer days as part of your contract? Blaydon Harriers has charity status, so please do use your volunteer days to benefit the club, and bring your colleagues too!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Blaydon Race Committee


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