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Special General Meeting, 17 March 2023

Following the resignation of Daniel Flint as Chair of Blaydon Harriers and Blaydon Race Organiser, the Committee received emails from over 10% of the voting membership requesting that we hold a Special General Meeting to address their concerns. At a subsequent meeting of the Committee it was agreed that all Committee members would stand down and we would accept nominations for election at the Special General Meeting.

The Special General Meeting was held on Friday 17 March 2023, at Blaydon Youth and Community Centre, for the following purposes:

  1. Resignation of Daniel Flint as Chair and Blaydon Race Director - opportunity for members to ask questions and raise any issues.

  2. To elect officers and Committee members

  3. To resolve to review the constitution and governance structure of the Club to ensure it is in line with current regulation and best practice, and is fit for purpose

At the meeting the following officers and Committee members were elected:


Alex Muir

Vice Chair

Isaac Dunn


Martin Graham


Nicola Perry

Membership Secretary

Robert Hulse

Social Secretary

Nicola Alderson

Men's Captain

Robert Young

Ladies' Captain

Stephanie Ashall

Media Co-ordinator

Joanne Graham

Kit Co-ordinator

Helen Ballard

Health & Safety Officer

Timothy Nichol

Committee Member

Christopher Ashall

Committee Member

Philip McGuire

Committee Member

Izzi Henderson

Committee Member

Paul Young

Isaac Dunn was appointed Race Organiser.

Andrea Clarke was appointed as Lead Welfare Officer and Isaac Dunn was appointed as Welfare Officer.

You can meet the Committee here.

It was agreed to undertake a review of the constitution to ensure it is in line with current regulation and best practice.

Following approval, you will be able to read the minutes of the Special General Meeting and other meetings, here.


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