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NEMAA Track & Field Championships, 17 June 2023

NEMAA ​is an association of individual athletes who are members of athletics clubs and who have reached their 35th birthday (both men and women). NEMAA provides Road, Cross Country and Track & Field competition for its members, in five year age categories. This means that you can compete against athletes in your own age group and not just against "youngsters".

Their Track & Field Championships took place on Saturday 17 June 2023 at Monkton Stadium. The results for Blaydon athletes are as follows:

Kevin Findlay M35

800m 2:09:77 (PB) 1500m 4.34:77

Patrick Garraghan M65

800m 2:33:99 1500m 5:09:72

Doreen Craig V70 100m 17:32 c.b.p 200m 36:71 c.b.p 400m 85:36 (pb) c.b.p Long jump 3:24m c.b.p Javelin 12:73m c.b.p

Well done everyone - especially Doreen who was on fire!

NEMAA medals

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