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Great Start to the Track and Field Season

The Spring/Summer Track and Field season has started and it has been great to see so many Blaydon Harriers competing over the last few weeks.

Here’s a round up of the results:

NECAA Track and Field Championships, Middlesbrough, 13/14th May 2023

Finn Graham - 1st in the U15B discus May McDonald - 1st in the U20W 100m hurdles (17.83) Ellie Morley - 4th in the U15G 200m (27.87) Robert Atkinson - 4th in the U17M 3000m (9.46.8 PB) Eden Burns - 5th in the U15G 75m hurdles (14.46) Will Collinson - 7th in the U20M 1500m (4.09) Aliyah Agbaje and Sadie Oakley - U15G 100m heats (13.92 & 15.65)

NEMAA Track and Field League, Jarrow, 15 May 2023

Kevin Findlay - 5th in the 400m (57.9) Paddy Garraghan - 10th in the 3000m (11.09) Kevin Findlay - 3rd in the 3000m (9.45) Doreen Craig - 4th in the 100m (17.9)

Northern Track and Field League, Shildon, 20 May 2023 - hosted by Blaydon and Elswick Harriers

Chris Smallwood - 2nd in the 200m (24.1) Alex Muir - 3rd in the 800m (2.16.5) Max Murray - 4th in the U17 1500m (4.22.3) Alex Muir - 3rd in the 1500m (4.43.1) Peter Hodgson - 2nd in the 5000m (16.31.4) James Dias - 2nd in the 3km s/chase men’s B race (12.30.1) Rob Young - 2nd in the men’s A long jump 2nd in the men’s A high jump 1st in the men’s B discus and 2nd in the men’s B hammer. James Dias - 2nd in the men’s B javelin Rob Young, Chris Smallwood, James Dias and James Douglas - 3rd in the 4 x 400m

Overall Blaydon and Elswick came in 4th position with 180 points.

Well done everyone!

Blaydon & Elswick Harriers

May McDonald came 1st in the U20W 100m hurdles



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