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NEHL Cross Country Wrekenton 2023

The first cross country meet of the season took place at Wrekenton on 23 September 2023 and it was a wet and muddy one (exactly how it should be). We had an excellent turn out of runners of all ages to represent Blaydon.

A huge well done to everyone who laced up for the day, every runner scored points for Blaydon in the league. Brilliant running and teamwork, especially those who are new to cross country.

Cross country is unique in that it is both an individual and a team sport. The team's score is determined by the finishing positions of our top runners. The more athletes we have competing, the better our chances of scoring lower as a team. The points assigned to the top finishers are lower, so having more athletes help us accumulate fewer points.

The Juniors got the brunt of the weather and showed great running and determination. There were still lots of smiling faces despite the rain and getting hacky in the clarts.

For the Senior's, Alex Muir (4th overall) led the men’s team, who are currently placed fourth in division two. Rosie Bunney (24th overall) led the women’s team, which finished 2nd overall on the day, and are currently positioned second in division three.

There were plenty of baked goods in the Club tent after the races to celebrate Alex and Rosie’s birthdays.


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