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From road to trails, rain to sun

The Bees were out in all weathers last week. Starting with the rainy Gateshead half marathon on the morning of Sunday 30 April 2023, followed by a sunny evening at Gibside on Wednesday 3 May, for the Wild Deer Events 5k and 10k trail runs.

Helen Ballard and Nicola Alderson competed in the Gateshead half, Helen in 01:56:14 and Nicola in 02:06:06, great running ladies!

There was a swarm of bees competing across the Gibside 5 and 10k. Junior, Robert Atkinson, won the 5k race in 00:21:03, a brilliant performance on a hilly and challenging course. There were also excellent performances from senior women, Joanne Graham, Andrea Clarke, Nicola Alderson, Suzie Keyes, Emma Lane and Nicola Perry.

The senior men opted for the 10k, with Peter Hodgson finishing in an amazing 2nd place, in 00:37:35, and shortly followed by David Best in 5th in 00:38:51. Robert Hulse, Colin Gray and Garry Russell all ran brilliantly, completing the course in 00:45:58, 00:48:51 and 00:49:23 respectively.



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