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NEHL Aykley Heads Cross Country, 25 November 2023

Updated: Feb 10

Following the postponement of the fixture at Lambton Estate, Blaydon had a great turnout at the Harrier League at Aykley Heads. This was sadly the last time a Harrier League fixture would be held at Aykley Heads, one of the toughest cross country courses in the league, as the land is being redeveloped. It was a cold and muddy one to remember.

U11 Boys

Elijah Richards 6:35

Luke Ashall 6:38

U11 Girls

Rosie Johnson 6:41

Avoria Graham 6:43

Abigail Mclaughlin 6:50

Pheobe Stephenson 6:55

Lily Ashall 7:24

U13 Boys

Jacob Hendry 15:16

Daniel Ramshaw 16:09

Aaron Jobson 16:30

3 Blaydon Harriers 76 14-Hendry 26-Ramshaw 36-Jobson

U13 Girls

Lois Richards 17:27

Evie Graham 17:32

U15 Boys Jamie Lonergan 14:06

Jacob Richards 14:21

Oliver Moore 14:37

Finn Graham 14:58

5 Blaydon Harriers 50 10-Lonergan 16-Richards 24-Moore

U17 Boys

Robert Atkinson 19:47

Maximus Murray 20:46

James Gray 22:36

U17 Girls and U20 Women

Ellie Fellows 24:47

Senior Men

Matthew Levison 44:10

James Dias 44:23

Charlie Toogood 44:24

David Best 44:42

Martin Graham 45:01

Michael Friberg 51:46

Cameron Fairlamb 52:01

Jaycee Shotton 52:26

Ian Perry 56:13

7 Blaydon Harriers 224 17-Levison 19-Dias 20-Toogood 25-Best 30-Graham 113-Friberg

Senior Women

Eleanor Bradbury 35:48

Eden Ratcliffe 38:01

Letha Whitham 38:13

Rosie Bunney 38:25

Joanne Graham 42:20

Nicola Perry 48:25

9 Blaydon Harriers 159 14-Bradbury 46-Ratcliffe 49-Whitham 50-Bunney


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