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British Masters Athletics 2023 Track and Field Championship

Forty-eight NEMAA (North East Masters) athletes travelled to Moorways stadium in Derby on 1st-3rd September 2023, to take part in the British Masters Athletics Federation Championships, including our very own Blaydon Harriers, Doreen Craig and Paddy Garraghan.

The BMAF is a Federation of geographically located clubs covering England (as well as the other home nations) with over 5,000 active athletes aged 35 upwards. NEMAA organises Masters athletics competition in the North East for athletes 35 years and over.

792 competitors ranging in age from 35 to 85 years old took part in the three day event.


M65 Paddy Garraghan

800m 2nd (silver) 02:28:34

V70 Doreen Craig

Long jump 2nd (silver) 2:92

Javelin 3rd (bronze) 12:89 (NEMAA record)

400m 3rd (bronze) 1:26:52

800m 3rd (bronze) 3:37:45

200m 5th 35:8 (NEMAA record)

100m (h1) 2nd 17:12

100m 4th 17:10 (NEMAA record)

There was also a gold medal won on the same weekend a bit closer to home, at the Track Championships at Monkton stadium.

FV 60 Roselle Oberholzer

10,000m 🥇

A huge well done to Paddy, Doreen and Roselle. You are all inspirational.



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