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Be the MVP: Train as a Track and Field Official!

Want to be more involved in Blaydon Harrier and Athletics Club and North East athletics?

We're on the lookout for passionate individuals to sign up for officials courses, there is a Level 1 Field Official and Level 1 Track Official course scheduled for 21 April 2024 at Sunnydale Leisure Centre in Shildon. This is could be your chance to dive headfirst into the world of athletics and make a real difference in our community.

Let's face it, without officials, there would be no competitions. They're the unsung heroes who ensure fair play, safety, and the smooth running of events. And here in the North East, we need more of them to keep our vibrant athletics scene thriving.

From Grand Prix meetings to Championships, our calendar is jam-packed with exciting events. But to make them a success, we need a solid team of officials. Each meeting can require between 40 and 50 officials and we're always looking for more volunteers.

There is also an online Timekeepers course coming up on 24 April 2024 and an online Starter/Starters Assistant course on 16 May.

If you're interested in participating in any of these courses, please email and the Club can register you.

Track athlete on their starter blocks, holding a relay baton



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