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Benefits of Endurance Training on a Track

Members of Blaydon Harriers have access to coached track sessions at least once a week. There are many benefits to training on a track, which include:

RUNNING FASTER! - running different paces on a regular basis will help you to run faster in races

IMPROVES YOUR FORM - running on a flat surface in a safe environment will help your running form and therefore improve performance

REDUCE JOINT IMPACT/INJURY RISK - you're running on a softer, flat surface

BURNS MORE CALORIES & HELPS BOOST METABOLISM - interval training has been proven to help with these

INCREASE ENDORPHINS/HAPPY HORMONES - improve the likelihood of that runners high!

FEEL MORE PART OF A RUNNING GROUP - interval training is easier to control on a track and runners of all abilities can feel part of the same session

The list of benefits goes on and if you fancy giving it a go, please fill in our contact form and start your free trial.


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