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Annual Awards Evening, 29 March 2024

To top off a great morning at the Good Friday Relays, we hosted our annual awards evening on Friday 29 March 2024, to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of our members.

Held at Blaydon Rugby Club, the awards evening was a fantastic opportunity for members of all ages to come together and celebrate each other and the Club.

  • Most Improved Female Athlete - Sophie Brown

  • Most Improved Male Athlete - Sam Hodgson

  • Most Promising New Female Athlete - Rachael Turnbull

  • Most Promising New Male Athlete - Andy Patterson

  • Outstanding Track Performance - Paddy Garraghan

  • Outstanding Field Performance - Finn Graham

  • Outstanding Road Performance - Sam Hodgson

  • Outstanding Trail Performance - Hedley Fletcher

  • Best Female Athlete - Ellie Fellows

  • Best Male Athlete - Max Murray

  • Female Cross Country Champion - Ellie Fellows

  • Male Cross Country Champion - Jacob Hendry

  • Coach Award Induction group - Lily Ashall

  • Coach Award Hurdles - Aliyah Agbaje

  • Coach Award Speed - Oliver Moore

  • Coach Award Junior Endurance - Jamie Lonergan

  • Coach Award Senior Endurance - Sam Hodgson

  • Grand Prix Winner - Letha Whitham

  • Club Member of the Year - Chris Johnson


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